Meet Bethany Backhouse

Hi there. I’m Bethany and I’m the owner of Maple VA Services! I have over 5 years’ of experience in working as a Virtual Assistant which has involved tasks such as data entry, audiotyping, managing phone calls and more. I set up Maple VA in July 2020, after the experience I had working with other VA’s I decided that this was the time to branch out myself. A vast amount of my experience came from working with my Mum who also runs her own virtual assistant business, so I had plenty of VA jobs to do whilst I was growing up!

Other than running Maple VA I have a great interest in Psychology and in July 2020 graduated from Staffordshire University with a first-class degree in Psychology & Criminology. My degree was not only super interesting it helped to develop a number of skills related to my VA work, for example, data collection and analysis as well as researching a wide variety of topics.

If you’d like to find out more about me and the ways I can help you get back to running the business you love feel free to get in touch!

Bethany Backhouse

The story behind the name Maple

When I first decided to start my own virtual assistant business, I really struggled with coming up with a business name until the perfect one came to me!
When I was deciding on my business name, I was told to think of something personal to me, and Maple VA Services has quite a fun but personal meaning to myself.
I remember coming back from primary school as a child with a Maple tree I had planted, I was super proud of it, that was until my best friend, Cassie, our family dog at the time, decided to bite through the tree and eat it. In the end, it turned out that she did me a favour as the tree grew back stronger.
When I thought of Maple VA Services, I knew it was the perfect name for my business with so many memories that go along with it!

Your work is in safe hands

Rest assured that I am registered with the ICO and fully GDPR compliant, I am fully insured and have contracts in place to protect both you and me when we work together.  I also ensure that I am completely up to date with the latest industry and security news, so your work is in a safe pair of hands.

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