What is a Virtual Assistant?

Beth at deskA virtual assistant (VA) is like a Personal Assistant (PA), but instead of being in your office, they work from their own well equipped office and supports your business virtually. Virtual assistansts are highly skilled and offer services that can save you time and money, and help your business to grow.

It is thanks to modern technology that the role of virtual assistant has become a reality because businesses no longer need people to onsite or in the same place as them. Thanks to the internet, Cloud technology and softwares and other data sharing sofware it has now become even easier for people to work remotely and that makes it convenient for companies to function and use a VA.

Since virtual assistants work on their own in their own offices, it works out a lot cheaper to hire a VA than to hire an employee as you only pay the VA for the hours spent working, not just to be there.  They are using their own eqipment and office, meaning it doesn’t have to be supplied by you, plus there are no overheads such as holiday pay, maternity pay, holiday pay, etc.

Furthermore, virtual assistants are alreayd fully trained and highly skilled, meaning they can hit the ground running with minimal or no training, thus enabling companies to save time, money and resources.

So all in all, saving time, money and resources are the main reasons why growing businesses love to use virtual assistants. Not only this, but by outsourcing their internal processes, businesses can spend more time focussing on the important aspects of their business, while the VAs do all the time consuming and data heavy work, and get back to running the business they love!